About Kate

Kate Tegtmeier is a professional, creative, and organized person. She has worked for multiple religious non-profits as an Office Manager, Business Manager, Bookkeeper, and Trainer. In the weekly process of preparing bulletins, newsletters, and other communications Kate found a way to incorporate her talents as a musician, artist, designer, and communicator. She also developed a love for fonts, formatting, and the creative process of producing clear and accessible publications. Kate graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. from Crown College. She lives in central Ohio with her husband and four-legged fur babies.


In 2017 Kate participated in Valparaiso University's Annual Institute of Liturgical Studies Conference. She was part of a workshop on keeping Lay Leadership at the Heart of Worship and how the bulletin is a key factor in doing so.


She also co-presented a workshop on renewing church publications at the 2017 Association of Lutheran Church Musicians National Biennial Conference in Minneapolis, MN.


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