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Let's face it, administrative work is a necessary evil in any field. It's everywhere in life from your home to your work. Administrative work isn't everyone's forte and some don't have time or energy to manage these details. Finding someone who can help you manage the day to day administrative work is essential. Well, look no further!

I offer extensive experience as an administrator and business manager in the non-profit sector. Non-profits have limited resources which frequently means people wearing more than one hat. As an administrator I found myself acting as communications director, editor-in-chief, book-keeper, website designer, and dozens of other roles (see about me for more). I understand that small businesses, non-profits, and freelancers need to be economical with their resources and efficient with their allotted time for given tasks. I am your one-stop for your missing administrative needs. 


Below are some of the types of clients I work with. Click on the sector that applies to you and find further details about my services. Whether you are looking for an updated website, a new brochure or program, or formatting for communication (email or paper), I'm here to help. In many cases, I can even help with software and personnel training! Have a different project in mind? Drop me an email - let's talk!


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Non- Profits &
Small Businesses
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