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Organization 101

Updated: May 16, 2019

Have you ever looked at someone and been envious of how organized they seem to be? I’ve had friends say this to me. I always seem to have a tissue when somone is in need or a band-aid. Let me dispel a common misconception, organized people are NOT born with these skills. The art of organization is something that is learned. Everyone can learn how to be organized if you truly want to be organized. Organization might take on different forms for different people and you have to know that what works for me might not be the right method for you. Your method is out there!

3 Tips to Start Organizing Your Life

Keep is simple: If you've been around anyone you've probably heard that minimalism is in vogue. If you're like me, you might have mixed feelings about this word. If you love minimalism, good for you. There's still something all of us can learn from this concept. Maybe you think minimalism is great when decorating your house but what about that email you just sent? There's no doubt that minimalism can be good, especially if you are just learning to how to organize. Look at the Konmari Method!

Know your strengths and weaknesses: I used to have an internal clock that was pretty accurate. In my mid-twenties that all changed due to an illness. I've never seemed to get my accurate internal clock back. I KNOW this about myself. As I write this article, my calendar reminds me that I need to leave in one hour to pickup my niece on time from school.

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