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Welcome to Collective Knowledge!

Let's face it, no one gets to where they are without help from other people. I certainly wouldn't be writing this blog if specific people had not helped me expand my horizons and knowledge - thanks, Nicole. In this blog I will try to share with you the various tips and tricks I've learned as an Office Manager, Business Manager, Operations Manager, Bookkeeper, Clerical Worker, Communications Specialist, Trainer, and generally one woman show in my various positions in the non-profit sector.

Like most of us, my collective knowledge comes from good and bad experiences. It is true that sometimes you learn more from a bad experience than a good one but I will use both to help you on this journey. I will try to keep my posts on the shorter time because, really, who has a ton of time even if it is something entertaining, useful, and thought provoking? (This is one of the topics I will cover in a future blog post) Please sign up for my newsletter so you know when new posts arrive. I'm Kate and welcome to Collective Knowledge!

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